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How to Improve Employee Development

Employee DevelopmentEach year, companies invest $164.2 billion into learning and development. But how effective are these investments?  Leaders struggle with measuring learning outcomes and how to improve their workforce.

Harvard Business Review conducted a review of training programs with top executives across 16 major corporations in many industries. The result was a list of 7 key challenges to use as goals for any development program.

1. Ignite managers’ passion to coach their employees. The manager role needs to include coaching and mentoring, not just hard business goals.

2. Deal with the short-shelf life of learning and development needs. Skills and requirements evolve more rapidly than ever. Businesses need to make sure that their training programs keep up with current needs, but also make sure their keeping information targeted and paced.

3. Teach employees to own their career development. One-size-fits-all learning programs don’t work: Encourage individuals to learn independently and self-direct.

4. Provide flexible learning options. Adding learning objectives to an employees’ workload can be overwhelmed and overworked. Make learning easier to access by using on-demand platforms and mobile solutions.

5. Serve the learning needs of more virtual teams. Employees who work remotely still need learning and mentoring opportunities.

6. Build trust in organizational leadership. People want to trust their leaders; They learn company values best when leaders demonstrate the goals they are touting. Managers who show their own learning paths win more employee buy-in.

7. Match different learning options to different learning styles. Employers need to accommodate everyone from Boomers to Millennials, a wide range of technology comfort levels, and different kinds of learning styles.

Learn more about the study and their recommendations at HBR.

How does your company measure ROI on learning and development programs? As a critical piece of employee engagement and retention, maximizing learning investments is important.

ASMi Workforce Readiness is a key part of tracking education programs’ effectiveness. ASMi lets managers and employees set goals and learning tracks. A dashboard helps managers track their whole team’s goals, skill sets, milestones and upcoming deadlines. Expirations and renewals for required licensing, ongoing education and certifications are also easily displayed and tracked. ASMi includes assessment tools to make sure that training has been effectively learned.  All records are tracked in one place, making it simple to audit and verify your team’s legal requirements, if challenged.

The outcome is a better measure of learning investment: Classroom hours, skills, goals, certifications and verifications are all managed in one simple dashboard.

Sign up for more information and a free demo for ASMi Workforce Readiness and start improving your educational programming ROI.

ASMi Workforce Readiness manages training records for police, military, first responders and more. Assign training, assess skills, establish training tracks and due dates, record certifications, and track results by skill, by employee, by team or by class — all in one simplified cloud-based dashboard. Contact Paladin to set up a demonstration and learn more about how we can support your agency’s w

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