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Bellingham Chooses ASMi for Training Record Management

Police Training Record Management

Paladin Data Systems is happy to announce that the City of Bellingham Police Department in Washington has chosen ASMi to track officer training from “hire date to retire date.”

ASMi Workforce Readiness enables law enforcement management to immediately assess the overall readiness of their police force, view complete up-to-date department and individual training capabilities, and provide competency information for day-to-day operations, personnel inventory management, incident investigations, public disclosure requests and emergency response.

ASMi is a leading solution for qualification management. Training management helps police departments like Bellingham share information between staff and manage training tracks and schedules. The simplified dashboard for training management is hosted in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Choosing a cloud-based solution will mean lower costs for the Bellingham PD: hardware, backups, disaster recovery systems, security compliance, upgrades and other ongoing costs are minimized.

Bellingham will also use ASMi on-the-go via tablets and smart devices in the field. Milestones can be tracked and checked off real-time from the field or classrooms, giving managers accurate, fast insights into training effectiveness.

ASMi is an important tool that also helps police departments stay compliant with public disclosure requests, court cases, and other documentation requirements. Simplified reporting makes it simple to pull training records and certifications for any officer or team.

We welcome the Bellingham PD to our ASMi family!

City of Bellingham Police Department

Contributed by Laura Jett

ASMi Workforce Readiness manages training records for police, military, first responders and more. Assign training, assess skills, establish training tracks and due dates, record certifications, and track results by skill, by employee, by team or by class — all in one simplified cloud-based dashboard. Contact Paladin to set up a demonstration and learn more about how we can support your agency’s workforce readiness.

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